Making fashion sustainable is almost ironic. Fashion is centred around a throw-away culture, where each season old garments are thrown out and replaced with new ones, in keeping with the newest trends. Each time this happens, garments are often simply thrown away, rather than being reused or recycled.

31% of the UK’s used clothes end up in landfills. This incredulous amount of wastage does not need to be so.

At H&M, the aim is “to make fashion sustainable and to make sustainability fashionable.”

H&M’s sustainability sector, called ‘Conscious’, has launched a garment collecting scheme to bring this aim to life.

You can take your old unwanted clothes and home textiles into any H&M store in the world, so that the fibres can be made use of again. To top off the satisfaction of doing something good for the environment, you will receive a £5 off a £30 spend voucher to say a big “thank you” for your contribution.

 Watch the video below or click on the link to H&M’s website to learn more about H&M Conscious.

Long live fashion! 



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